Kindness Grows…Where?

In choosing the name of our Foundation we purposely chose a somewhat nondescript name. It is not for us to decide where kindness grows. We will certainly seek to foster the growth of kindness in many places: Schools, towns, communities, neighborhoods, homes, and families. But we understand the diverse nature of communities and we know that sometimes, a place that may feel kind to one person may not feel kind to another.

So, for some people, kindness may grow in their home, in their school, and in their neighborhood. For others they may feel kindness blossoming within their family. And yet for others, they may only feel that kindness is growing in their own heart, and that’s where they feel comfortable starting.

No matter where you find kindness presently, we hope our organization will help you feel supported and motivated to help kindness grow in other places!

Please reach out to us! Tell us how we can help kindness grow! We want to hear from you and we want your ideas and suggestions!

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