2018 Kid Kindness Grant Winners

In 2018, the inaugural year of our Kid Kindness Grants program we awarded 12 grants for a total of $2550. We hope to up this amount to at least $4,000 in 2019!

See below for the details on each of our winners.

Making a difference…one kind act at a time

16 year old Laya, a student in Owings Mills, Maryland used our funds to buy fabric to make blankets for people in Baltimore who are homeless. But that wasn’t all. She gathered a group of her own friends to help make the blankets. She then also went to a 1st grade classroom and taught those students about homelessness and they helped make the blankets as well. And then, on January 12, Laya and her parents and a teacher went into Baltimore on a snowy night to find homeless people and to personally give them her blankets. In Laya’s words:

We met a very kind gentleman sitting in a wheelchair outside of a storefront who didn’t have any legs. As we brushed the snow off of our shoulders with numb hands and approached him, the warmth from his smile that lit up his face immediately thawed us. He was thrilled to receive the blanket and was overjoyed to hear that they were made by children. Another incredibly nice man, also in a wheelchair, outside of Port Discovery told us that someone else probably needed the blanket more than he did, and to give it to them instead. Many people were already wrapped up and attempting to sleep through the cold, and they were barely able to say ‘yes’ to us, so we draped the blankets over them. Two men near the Shot Tower were ecstatic to receive the blankets and even posed for a picture, telling us to tell the children thank you for the blankets. Overall, the freezing, snowy night was a heart-wrenching experience, but also rewarding in a way that words cannot describe. I am incredibly grateful to Kindness Grows Here for supporting my endeavors to make a change in my community, and none of this would have been possible without your help.

A 6 year old brother and his 8 year old sister in New Jersey received a grant for their project, “Flower Friday.” They simply wanted to give flowers to a different teacher every Friday. In 6 y/o Brendan’s words, “Flowers make people happy. And teachers deserve to be happy.” Our funds have since been exhausted, but Brendan and his sister continue to do this every week because they saw what an impact it had.

Penelope Chandler, a local 7 year old whose 21 year-old cousin, Hunter died of a heroin overdose chose to do a project in his memory. Penelope used our grant money to fund a project called “Hope Hunters.” Her initial proposal was to give $5 gift cards to say thank you to 20 area crisis response workers who help people like Hunter. But, her plan grew! Penelope, with the support of her mom and dad planned an entire awards ceremony and lunch. She used our funds to put together gift bags for each crisis response worker. She had her classmates in first grade at Crofton Woods Elementary make thank you cards for them. Kindness Grows Here helped connect her to our local Starbucks who provided additional gift cards and coffee and treats for the event and Mission BBQ provided lunch. Penelope, with a small grant from Kindness Grows Here, inspired an entire community to recognize a group of unsung heroes.

Joshua and Caleb Oh, two Crofton Meadows Elementary School students applied for a grant to hold a holiday party for area foster children. They used the grant to pay for food, and had students at their school donate gifts. Again, two kids, used a small grant, to get an entire school to focus on a group of children they otherwise may not have known existed.

Hailey and her friend Dorothy made gifts out of beads for residents of a local nursing home. They also sang carols with a group of friends when they went to deliver them.

Students at Magothy River Middle School gave out “Kindness Grams” on Valentine’s day to every student in each of the two schools that are connected to their school. Read all the details in the following images from the slide show that the students created to tell about their project.

Some of the cards the students created to give out.

Students in the “Spread Your Wings for Kindness” Club held a school-wide poster contest about kindness, created a video to support kindness, developed a “Kindness Pledge,” that all students signed, and handed out bracelets encouraging their classmates to be kind to every student in their school.

Our first “International” recipient, The Baldwin School in Alberta, Canada used our funds to create a Kindness Rock Garden at their school.

With funds from Kindness Grows Here, GBPE started a kindness club to promote kindness throughout the school.

Students at Shadyside Elementary school also were given funds to start a kindness club.

Madison Gordon, with the help of her mom, started a kindness project called “50 States 50 Books.” They donate 50 new and gently used diverse books to deserving kids, schools or organizations in each of the 50 states. They used our grant to purchase new books and to pay for shipping.

We were thrilled to support these 12 projects. We can’t wait to see what amazing ideas kids will come up with next year!

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