How Can We Help Your School??

As Kindness Grows Here expands our scope of influence we are very eager to partner with more schools. If you are an administrator, teacher, or parent, please read below and learn how Kindness Grows Here can help you foster kindness at your school or in your classroom.

Develop a Kindness Campaign Unique to your School

There are lots of ways to enact a kindness campaign at a school. But only you know what will work for your population.

Some schools make excellent use of morning and afternoon announcements and the students are really engaged and paying attention. For schools where this is the case we can write morning announcements specific to your school that include skits, role-plays, and engaging stories that high-light the kindness related values on which you most want to focus.

A key aspect of enacting a successful campaign at a school is to be sure to inform and include the parents. The conversations about kindness that are occurring in school must continue at home in order to truly have an impact. We can provide monthly “Kindness Conversation” handouts that can be sent home with each child.

These handouts include a summary of the kindness related values being focused on that month as well as “conversation starters” that give parents ideas for topics to discuss with their kids at the dinner table, before bed, and when driving in the car. Also included in these handouts are ideas for activities that they can do as a family to foster kindness and other related values at home.

If you have other ideas for how to establish a successful kindness campaign at your school please let us know. We are open to any and all ideas and eager to help!

Classroom Lessons on Kindness

For individual teachers looking for ways to foster kindness in their specific classrooms we can come to your room and do a lesson on kindness.

We will use age appropriate books, videos, handouts, and writing prompts to inspire students to seek ways–on a daily basis–to be kinder to their fellow students, their teachers, and all those present in their school and community.

We know teachers work so hard, and have such a full plate. Let Kindness Grows Here lessen your load by having us come in and teach your lessons for a day!

Kindness Assemblies

Our founder and President, Kristen Caminiti, is a Social Worker who has spent her career talking with children about difficult subjects. As part of her work with Kindness Grows Here she has developed two kindness assemblies.

WHO Do You Want to be Right Now??
This program encourages students to contemplate who they want to be right now. Through skits, a game show (that includes audience participation), stories, and videos, Kristen helps students to realize that the decisions they make, the actions they take, and their choices define who they are. She inspires them to want to be seen as good people, and thus to reject bullying behavior in themselves and others.

With the participation of student leaders Kristen has done this presentation for varying age groups, including community-wide presentations and numerous presentations to local elementary, middle, and high schools. At the elementary level Kristen prefers to do two presentations. One for K-2nd graders that utilizes a series of kindness themed books, and then a second for grades 3rd-5th that is the program described above.

Let’s Celebrate Differences
This assembly, ideal for the elementary grades, brings a true party to your school! Its a party in which differences are identified as something to celebrate, not ridicule. Using a series of children’s books, videos, music, and engaging discussion, Kristen gets kids excited about the things that make them each unique and special. Additionally, Kristen helps kids to notice these differences in their neighbors, their peers, and strangers, and to see the differences as things that make the world more beautiful and interesting!

What are people saying about our Anti-Bullying program? 

Are you not yet convinced that a Kindness Grows Here assembly would be worth while for your school? Please see below what people are saying about our programs:

“Today I attended an anti bullying presentation by Kindness Grows Here at Crofton Middle School. It was amazing! Through power point, video, storybook sharing, interactive games and other devices, she was able to not only define bullying, keep the children engaged and involved, but also give them concrete tools on how to be kind, supportive allies to each other and to consider their own responsibility in forming what kind of people they are. This kind of preventative action and empathy education is what we need in all of our schools! As parents, educators,members of society, we need to all be a part of teaching our children what it means to care for others and to not only raise others up, but to be there as a friend and ally when they are beaten down.

The presentation was filled with so many wonderful pieces, but to me, a couple of the parts that resonated the most were when she asked them not what they wanted to be when they grow up, but instead, “Who do you want to be right now?”.
And she also reminded them that: “Your decisions, your choices, your actions, and the words you use and the way you treat others, define who you are.” Thank you so much for this opportunity!”
     –Sarah Blaser, Parent & Reading Specialist in AACPS 

“Mrs. Kristen really made everyone think. She didn’t preach to us but really treated us like young adults.  I loved the assembly!”
Caleb, 8th grader, Crofton Middle School

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