Kid Kindness Grants 2018

NOTE: Applications are now closed. All grants have been awarded for 2018. Applications will re-open in September of 2019.

Are you between the ages of 5-18???

Do you have a fantastic idea about how to spread kindness???

Do you need money to help you do it???

If so, we can help and we want to hear from you!

Kindness Grows Here, Inc will be awarding our first Annual Kid Kindness Grants this December (winners will be notified in November). We want kids with awesome ideas to submit applications for ways in which they can help spread kindness in their school, community, town, or neighborhood.

All you have to do is click here:

The above link will take you to our on-line application. Be sure to fill out all sections of the application, and before submitting, be sure to read all the rules and guidelines below.

(For a printable version of the application click here: grant application)

Rules and Guidelines: 

  1. All applicants must be students between the ages of 5-18. Applications my be submitted by individuals or groups. Groups can include a group of friends, a school club, a classroom, a scout troop, a sports team, etc. Any group is acceptable as long as all members of the group are between the ages of 5-18.
  2. All applications must be submitted no later than 11:59p.m on Friday October 19, 2018.
  3. Individuals may apply for up to $150. Groups may apply for up to $300. (Exceptions may be made for exceptional applications for exceptional projects).
  4. All funds granted must be used for projects carried out by the students named on the application. The intent of these grants is for young people to be involved in developing and carrying out their own projects dedicated to spreading kindness.
  5. The application should be completed in the child’s words. If parents/adults would like to add to the child’s explanation they can do so, but you must clearly indicate which parts were completed by whom.
  6. Awards will be granted based on the following:

    *Quality of the application: Is it detailed? Was the application completed in full? Does it demonstrate that a lot of thought was put into the project? Is it completed by the child who is applying and not just by the parent? (See #5 above)

    *Impact of the project: Priority will go to those projects that create an opportunity for person-to-person interaction and that truly seek to spread kindness from one individual to another.

    (The winning applications will not necessarily be large scale, “grand” projects. We will be thrilled to fund simple projects that highlight a child’s desire to simply spread kindness).

  7. All applicants must have an adult supervising their project. The adult will be responsible for ensuring that the project is completed and that the funds are used solely for the intended purpose. Adults will be responsible for keeping receipts to show proper use of funds. If the application is submitted by more than one student, then the check will be made out to the supervising adult.
  8. All recipients of Kid Kindness Grants will have to provide a written report to Kindness Grows Here, Inc within 4 months of being awarded the funds that details things such as, a) What it was like to complete the project, b) what the impact was, c) how people responded.
  9. Kindness Grows Here, Inc will in no way be responsible for the carrying out of or gaining permission for any of the projects funded through this program. Kindness Grows Here, Inc is simply providing funds and bears no responsibility or liability for activities or events carried out with the funds provided. Submitting an application is agreement to this waiver of liability. All winners will have to sign an official “Waiver of Liability” before funds are disbursed.

Remember, you can’t give us “too much information” on your application. If you think you wrote too much or gave too many details of your project, then give us one more detail! 🙂

We can’t wait to see what great ideas you come up with!! 

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