Right now we are angry, we are energized, we are engaged. But we must ensure that the energy, engagement, and dedication to make change…lasts. Going to a protest is not enough. Posting outrage on FB is not enough.  We must all commit to listening, learning, and working to make change. We must commit to being anti-racist in all our actions. We must commit to standing up and speaking out against racism, bigotry, and hatred in all forms. We must commit to raising children who understand what it means to be an ally. We must commit to seeking justice for all, every day. 

On Monday June 8th (two weeks after Mr. George Floyd was murdered), we asked people to put a light in their front door/window to #LightUpTheNight to show that #BlackLivesMatter.

It is our hope that people didn’t just put a light in their window for one night. We also asked participants to print and post the below image in their window or on their door. It’s not too late for you to do the same thing! We hope you’ll print and hang the image below as a reminder to yourself and to everyone in your community of your commitment. We need to say loud and clear to everyone in our communities that #BlackLivesMatter and show our commitment to seeking justice for all. Let’s #LightUpTheNight for social justice and then keep the light burning every day after as well. 

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