April is Autism Acceptance, Awareness, & Action Month

At Kindness Grows Here we believe that empathy and understanding are key to raising children to be kind and inclusive. We believe in celebrating everyone’s differences. This month, in honor of Autism Acceptance, Awareness, & Action Month we will be focusing on Autism.

While we are not experts on Autism, we want to do our part to provide parents with resources they can use to educate themselves and their children about Autism. To this aim, we reached out to some autistic people, the parents of autistic children, and educators to ask them about their favorite resources about Autism. We hope these resources will help everyone understand the wide range of neurodiversity that exists in people all over the world. No two people are the same. And likewise, no two autistic people are the same. It is important to understand how differences in the brains of autistic people make it so they perceive and interact with the world in different ways.

Watch these videos. Watch them with your kids. Check out these websites. Seek a great understanding and awareness. Doing so will lead to more empathy for people with Autism. And we know that empathy leads to kindness.

When we know better, we do better.

We hope that by increasing everyone’s understanding of Autism, we can help children to feel comfortable reaching out to and connecting with people they may perceive as different. Our goal is to teach children that differences are something to celebrate, not ridicule.

Please feel free to download and share the below PDF with anyone who may be interested. Please also click on “Download” in order to view the PDF version of this document and to be able to click all of the links.

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