Be Kind To Your Mind!

May is "Mental Health" month and May 1-8 is "Children's Mental Health Week." Kindness Grows Here is proud to be a community champion for the Children's Mental Health Matters! campaign. As such we have teamed up with the Hunti's Hope Hunters project to sponsor a "Stroll for mental health." We hope you will stop by... Continue Reading →

What I Wish They Knew

Studies have shown that helping children develop empathy is one of the greatest tools in raising them to be kind, good citizens of the world. To this aim, Kindness Grows Here has created the “What I Wish They Knew” project to help others learn how people have triumphed in the face of adversity. We are... Continue Reading →

Join our Team!

Kindness Grows Here is looking to expand our Board of Directors as well as to add additional "Regional Reps" to our team of volunteers. Board of Directors: We are looking for energetic people with a passion for fostering a next generation that is kinder, more accepting, and more socially aware. We currently have 8 members... Continue Reading →

Talking to Children about Race

In June of 2020 Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Kindness Grows Here Co-Sponsored a virtual forum to help adults talk to children about issues surrounding race. The forum featured six parents of elementary school students who shared their experiences and perspectives about talking with their children about these often-difficult issues. If you weren't able... Continue Reading →


In an effort to help parents and caregivers talk to their children about the Black Lives Matter movement, we created this video. We hope parents will watch it first, and then watch it with their children. We also created this "Guide For Parents" to provide additional support in having this very important conversation. A... Continue Reading →


During these unprecedented times kindness is more important than ever. As we battle a pandemic, racism, and so many other challenges, communities must come together. Help us change the world by doing #JustOne act of kindness for someone else. Watch our video and learn more! All you have to do is commit #JustOne act... Continue Reading →

How to Talk to Your Children About Differences

As an organization dedicated to fostering kindness in children we know it is crucial to teach children that differences are something to celebrate, not ridicule. In recent weeks we have received many requests for books we recommend. Below you will find a downloadable list of some of our favorite books on the topics of racism,... Continue Reading →

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