Chalk the Walk Events

On Mother’s Day (May 14, 2017) we responded to a hateful act at Crofton Middle School (two young men had hung a noose in the courtyard of the school) by “Chalking the Walk” with messages celebrating love, acceptance, kindness, and diversity. We sent the message that hate will NOT be tolerated in Crofton. Because the noose incident had painted Crofton in a negative light, it was important to the Crofton community that we show that Crofton is better because we are a diverse community and that people of every race, color, ethnicity, and background are welcome here. Over 300 people showed up to send this message and in less than an hour the entire sidewalk in front of the school was FILLED with positive messages!

That Monday morning all the students at Crofton Middle School were greeted with a sidewalk that was completely covered in positive messages.


Then again on September 19, 2017 a hateful drawing was found on the road in a Crofton neighborhood. One community member who had attended the event at the middle school suggested we chalk the walk here as well. So, that is what we did. We drowned out a hateful message with many, many positive ones. Once again the Crofton Community said, “hate is unacceptable here.”

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