Kid Kindness Grants 2019

Applications will be accepted from September 1, 2019 until November 1, 2019. Are you between the ages of 5-18??? Do you have a fantastic idea about how to spread kindness??? Do you need money to help you do it??? If so, we can help and we want to hear from you! Kindness Grows Here, Inc... Continue Reading →

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How Can We Help Your School??

As Kindness Grows Here expands our scope of influence we are very eager to partner with more schools. If you are an administrator, teacher, or parent, please read below and learn how Kindness Grows Here can help you foster kindness at your school or in your classroom. Develop a Kindness Campaign Unique to your School There... Continue Reading →

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Spotlight on Kindness!

Meet Arden! She's a 9 year-old 4th Grader at Crofton Meadows Elementary. She wore one of our "I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND" shirts on the first day of school and she really took its message to heart! Below is a conversation her mom shared with us yesterday: I asked my daughter Arden what she did... Continue Reading →

Kindness Grows Here in the Schools

During the past year Kindness Grows Here (KGH) collaborated with a number of Anne Arundel County Public elementary, middle, and high schools to foster the spread of kindness. Please read below for a sense of what Kindness Grows Here can offer. If you'd like to partner with KGH to spread kindness in a similar way... Continue Reading →

Kindness Grows…Where?

In choosing the name of our Foundation we purposely chose a somewhat nondescript name. It is not for us to decide where kindness grows. We will certainly seek to foster the growth of kindness in many places: Schools, towns, communities, neighborhoods, homes, and families. But we understand the diverse nature of communities and we know... Continue Reading →

What is Kindness?

What is kindness? How is it measured? How do we communicate it to others? Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines kindness as "the quality or state of being┬ásympathetic or helpful." But kindness is so much more than that. Kindness is seeking to treat all those we encounter with a generous spirit. Kindness is giving people the benefit of... Continue Reading →

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